Before Alex, a couple of developers were working on our store - One Hundred Toys - and a lot of features were added. However with the amount of new code and the growth of legacy code the site was performing subpar. Thankfully Alex is a great professional and was able to bring the numbers down quickly without affecting user experience. Thank you..

Alexis Ralphs - One Hundred Toys

Optimization results Before After
Load speed 5.1s 2.3s
Page size 2.90MB 0.64MB
Requests 117 42
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I was super interested getting his help with our page load speeds on Shopify. Our page load time was very slow (google rated it an F) and it was taking a long time once you have tried to customize a product to get to the checkout page. We were so happy to have load speed decreased from 10s to 3s. He also improved the customization side of our store. The user experience has improved a lot - and we saw it in our conversions too.

Maddie Wirthman - Capsul Jewelry

Optimization results Before After
Load speed 9.6s 2.9s
Page size 4.03MB 2.29MB
Requests 125 97
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Fantastic, thanks so much! Optimization results did not dissapoint, my site was visibly faster. Also Alex was really helpful with other suggestions, I had a few design issues/glitches on site and he was able to sort them out the way I wanted them to be. I am very happy with his work.

Sally Emslie - Manifesto Woman

Optimization results Before After
Load speed 4.7s 1.7s
Page size 4.28MB 1.87MB
Requests 65 49
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Honestly a fantastic Shopify Expert. Very knowledgable, does the work he promises, and has a quick turnaround time.

Ali Dib - Designitch

Optimization results Before After
Load speed 6.4s 3.3s
Page size 2.08MB 1.36MB
Requests 249 122
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This developer works remarkably fast and executes the task at hand with extreme discipline and gives clear instructions on changes made. Highly professional in ways I've not seen from any other developer I've worked with. A+ work!

Steve - Forge & Foster

Alex is a top notch developer and Shopify expert. He has helped us upscale our store and made lots of very helpful suggestions along the way. He is truly a pleasure to work with and quick on his feet. I highly recommend him!

Myriam - Akhal Good+Beauty

My first job with Alex - wow very good! Fast and communicated clearly what would be delivered. He also delivered more than what was agreed on coming up with an improvement that made the final solution more responsive and professional.

Angus - Gusha Visualmedia