Speeding Up your Shopify store: 3 seconds or less.

Less than 3 seconds - guaranteed.

Your site will:

  • have lower bounce rates - fewer users will leave the site and they will browse more of your awesome products
  • provide better experience for users (especially on sloppy connections)
  • have higher conversion rate and average order value

Click here to read more about the importance of speed in e-commerce.

Having a fast store will cost you $1,600 flat. No hidden fees, no variable rates. Just results for you and equitable compensation for me.

I will commit to 24 hours or less responsiveness (except weekends). My expectation is that you’ll do the same. This ensures we both get what’s needed quickly without causing delays for either of us. Depending on the initial state of the website, this can take 1-2 weeks.

Here is how we'll do it.

1. Evaluation

The most important thing for my job is this: delivering to clients. This phase ensures I'll be able to deliver great results, because I want you to see and feel the benefits of fast website. I also commit to 100% openness in my commutication with you. If I'm not sure my work will bring a lot of improvement in your specific case, I will let you know, so we have realistic expectations.

2. Initial analysis and benchmarking.

For analysis I'm using GTMetrix.com. I'll do 5 runs for each of the main pages of your store (Home page, Product page, Collection page). Simple averages of Load speed, Page size, Number of requests will be set as a benchmark for comparing results.

3. Creating a duplicate theme

I will be working on a duplicate of actual theme to ensure the operation of the store is not interrupted.

4. Optimization

Assets delivery optimization (scripts, styles, images). Image compressing. Cleaning up legacy/redundant code. Minification and concatenation of theme files. Splitting the page content into two batches - one that user will see immediately on landing and the other, which is going to load on demand. Checking for any redundant apps (some of them could be replaced with native coding).

5. Testing

Making sure the user experience wasn't negatively impacted by the optimization

6. Final report and a Preview

I will send you a report about the results of my work. I will also send you a preview link. You'll see what the site feels and looks like after optimization. At this point I’ll need your help with evaluation. Please take a few hours to review the completed work and provide any feedback or requests.

7. Publishing

After any notes/fixes are made, the theme is ready to be published.

At the end you walk away with beautifully fast store, which will be a joy to browse. Because of improved bounce rates, your customer acquisition method will perform better. Your users will be more pleased and more willing to spend money. They'll more often reach checkout, because they won't have time to think twice or get distracted by some random notification.

I can only commit to a few projects at a time. Limiting the number of projects allows me to offer the highest level of service while maintaining the closeness to my customers that ensures the best results. I’m not for everybody so it’s ok to say no.

If you're interested, let's make your store faster. To get started I only need you to send me an email with the link to your store. I will get back to you ASAP.