Why you shouldn't worry about Google Pagespeed score

My 1st priority is to make your store to perform at its best in your current circumstances. My 2nd priority is to ensure that my clients are satisfied with my services. And I know lots of clients want their score to be excellent. Wouldn't raising the score for your store make you happy?
Even though it probably will, I never focus on Pagespeed scores (or GTMetrix, or any other similar tool). There are a few reasons for this. I'll try to explain them in this post.

A simple page VS full blown e-commerce solution

A simple page and a Shopify store are pretty different.

It takes only a few text sentences inside an html element to make a simple page. A 100 score will be awarded for a webpage with text content only.

A Shopify store requires lots of stuff to sell a product. Some stylesheets to make it pretty. Hi-res images are a must. Tens of scripts to power all necessary functionality, like adding to cart, changing colors, quantities, filtering on collection pages. Then you probably want to have a popup, free shipping bar, subscription boxes.  Analytics, tracking scripts. A dozen of apps. Maybe a sliding side-cart or some other advanced custom made functionality specific for your business, like customization options.

This difference explains why Shopify requires a lot more processing power, server and device bandwidths, among other things. Complexity levels are incomparable.

What score do very profitable stores have?

I'll do some quick research for you. Below are listed a few sites with confirmed success in terms of making money, their Mobile and Desktop scores as well as load speed.

Site Mobile score Desktop score Load speed (sec)
https://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/ 12 51 6
https://www.gymshark.com/ 19 68 11.1
https://www.spigen.com/ 27 64 8.3
https://www.mvmtwatches.com/ 10 31 14.5
https://www.memobottle.eu.com/ 3 34 8.3
https://www.beardbrand.com/ 34 74 10.8
https://frankiesbikinis.com/ 9 47 4.3
https://gfuel.com/ 13 39 7.8
https://www.minaal.com/ 34 82 6.9
https://www.rhone.com/ 18 16 31.5
Average Mobile score Desktop score
18 50

It is clear that low score doesn't stop them from making lots of money. It is also clear that the load speed doesn't necessarily correlate with the score.

While you may not have their budgets, impressive social following or anything else that makes their store great, there is one thing you could beat them and your direct competitors - is in having faster store.

Part of suggestions are impossible to implement

As I was saying before - Shopify is a complex platform, but made with simplicity in mind, so you can easily start selling products with minimal setup required. That's why a significant part of the platform is completely hidden - the servers.

Many of Pagespeed Insight recommendations are related to server setup. In Shopify you don't have any access to server configuration. And Shopify servers are among the most optimized and efficient in the world. Their set up is done in the best way possible for e-commerce applications.

All of the apps you have installed are loading their own resources on your site. Which means Pagespeed suggests improvements for them too. Another aspect you can do nothing about - except removing it. Removing redundant or excessive apps is also one of the most effective ways to boost loading speed and general performance.

On a side note: sometimes removing the app from the admin section will not remove its files from the theme. In this case, if you don't have any coding experience, your only option is to hire a professional to clean up leftovers.


Pagespeed Insights is a good tool in the right hands, but the score metric itself is quite meaningless. Shopify does great job making sure the stores' performance is world class. It is easy however to ruin your load speed with lots of apps, uncompressed images, excessive usage of 3rd party scripts and services. Instead of sweating about the Pagespeed scores, you should make sure all apps installed in your store are being used and bring enough value. Cleaning up the theme code every once in a while will help as well.